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Post  Admin on Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:32 pm

Please see what's need to be done for the next couple weeks:

Friday, November 25
• List of clinics, health-check centers and hospitals with whom we could partner with in different districts. (Lingbing & Amy)

Friday, November 25
• Complete the “Current Services offered in China” section.
- Agape: Jennifer sent email on Nov. 17 to set appointment.
- Maple Hotline: Lingbing needs to re-contact Maggie to be clear on their services.
- Legal services: see Geoffrey's document to be sent on Nov. 18
• List of shelters:
- private & governmental) in Beijing (Lingbing & Amy)
- in China (Tricia & Tiff)
- Make connections with ACWF to finally know about shelters. This week, Jennifer will send an email to Xiao
Juan to see if she has a contact.

• Send document with answers to law questions (see 1st draft) (Geoffrey) November 18

Week of November 14
• Re contact the persons and professors we want to meet (Lingbing and Amy).
- Contact Peking University, Renmin University
- Meet with the responsible of The Center for Women's Law Studies and Legal Services
- Meet with Women's Law Studies and Legal Aid Center. Director Guo Jianmei
See list of professors that Lingbing provided. Wo kan bu dong! Sad We will set some appointments for the following week.

• Post and advert to look for students of women’s rights or psychology or psychology or anybody who is interested in the issue of domestic violence. We want to meet them simply so they could share information with us (Lingbing and Jennifer).

• Fill in the part "Around The World" under "Cultural Context" of the document. (Tricia and Amy) by Friday, November 25.
Note: Please read the 1st draft carefully so you know what is tasks are ongoing. Make sure you gradually work on your part so it's not done last minute!

Week of November 28
Talk about Awareness Activities: define the activities and know when we'll do them so we can put them in our timetable.

At the end of November, we should have a clear idea of our partnerships with the different oganizations (Agape, Maple, Zhongze, etc). At the beginning of December, the first draft of our contracts with them should be written. Then the timetable should be a bit more precised.

We will still have research to do and information gathering, of course. But we do the best we can as we go. At the end of Chinese New Year, the project will start.

Next Meeting: Friday, November 25. See Meeting Schedules.

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