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Guo Jianmei Meeting Follow-Up Empty Guo Jianmei Meeting Follow-Up

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The way of our cooperation with Zhongzhe:
we hope one legal professional could come once for a week to provide legal counseling and to teach victims how to collect and protect evidences.
We could provide funds. They can be our referral and help us spread awareness by participating in our workshop.

The cost of one case
It depends on the location of victims. If in Beijing it normally takes 5,000-6,000 RMB; elsewhere it costs 6,000-10,000 RMB. Sometimes it's not simply filing for divorce, it may also include criminal part, finacial issues and other related issues. Sometimes it's not just one case, instead they are several cases interrelated.

The standard for cases they taking
Due to limited sources, funds, time and personnel, they could not just take any case. They have selective method:
First is the value of advocating. The cases have to be typical that worth advocating, like Li Yang's case.
Second is severeness. The victim is in a miserable situation and powerless, desperate for help.
Third is the case has implications to the public law. Some cases can direct people's attention to the blind point of law, thus can help legislation.

How can we help victims
The most important is the police record of the violence and injury checkup follows. We can accompany the victims to go to hospitals but it still can not prove the injuries are caused by the abuser. PFH has to grown up to be a well known platform. Victims normally would choose to go Women Federation, local residential committee first.

Health care
Maple should have more information about hospitals. Some have psychological counseling too. Hui Long Guan Hospital is one that can help victims.

we can improve
Grassroot level of training for females and local police. Better have training in residential community.
PFH can also introduce the anti-domestic practice in Canada and America to China, which is very good. They have compulsory courses for abusers, while no such thing in China.

How they reach victims
they increase media exposure by taking cases. Some cases are so controversial that they can attract media reporting. They have their website and have seminars too. People can think of Zhongze if they are in need of help.

suggestions on development
some NGO register in HK, or cooperate with other organizations in China. Some organizations might be of help: Internationl Judicial Bridge(?); Rural Women focusing on rural women, Women Voice;
PFH's strength is art exibitions, posters and pamphlets on domestic violence to spread awareness.

As for commercials about DV, few continuous efforts. There was a TV series, which help people aware it's not right to beat his wife yet for the details of DV are still known by few.

There was shelter(s) in Bj but was closed as no one went there. Some techniques in proper advertising shelters have to be studied.


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