Dec. 22, 2011: Meeting Follow-Up

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Dec. 22, 2011: Meeting Follow-Up Empty Dec. 22, 2011: Meeting Follow-Up

Post  TriciaMaria on Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:17 pm

Hello Everyone! Happy Christmas Eve Smile

This past Thursday Jennifer, Lingbing and I had the pleasure of meeting at Sculpting in Time (a wonderful little coffee shop) to discuss and edit the DV document and what needed to be done.

What We Discussed

Around the World Facts: should be all from one direct source, a reliable written source rather than online sources, but something in print from an organization that specializes in domestic violence. We discussed that Jennifer had a magazine from a reliable source and has given it to Amy, so we'll have to update that in order for it to be "trust-worthy".

We also discussed the document describing the DV project that will be uploaded onto our website for those wishing to learn more about our project and what we're trying to accomplish. It is now being translated by Spencer.

Legal: These need to be backed up by reliable sources.
  • If Geoffrey could fill in this document with sources that would be wonderful

  • We are also looking to develop a workshop with Zhongze regarding the resources offered victims

Shelters: Tricia has tried to find shelters that are functioning in China, but thus far has come up with outdated information. The latest information is from 2002, which is very outdated. We have therefore asked Lingbing to look in Chinese to see if searching in English has been the reason the research has been turning up nothing.
  • In particular we are looking at Suzhou, Jiangsu and Hebei.
    As for specific types of shelters we are trying to find out more about shelters that are open but there aren't any victims in them.
    Also we are looking at shelters that are open but using hotel rooms.

Health Care: We are still looking for partners in this field. Ideas regarding foreign and international hospitals have been discussed but thus far we have not been able to make any headway.

Partners Description: We are also looking at writing up a document containing a description of all of our partners, both potential and existing ones.
  • Thus far we know that we've established contact with Zhongze Legal Services as well as Agape Counseling.

Counseling: We are looking into exploring counseling through online venues such as QQ which would mean having a specific QQ account specifically for counseling. Also having a personal land line for PfH in the future for victims to call in. We also need to discover a way to have multiple lines at the same time for many victims to call in.
  • We are going to ask if Agape can provide some counselors for this in the near future.
    Underground Churches: We are thinking to partner with for counseling as well as offering a "safe haven" for victims.

*We need to discover how Maple Hotline functions, with the 5 keys. But these are not specifically for domestic violence victims.

Weibo: Setting up an account in order for people to follow our discussion topics on domestic violence. How to get followers? *If the discussion topics are interesting enough people will comment.

Currently: We want to offer immediate help for the beginning of 2012. This will come in the form of caregivers who offer a supportive ear for those who wish to talk and discuss.
  • We hope to do this through QQ.

In the Future: Now that we have established a relationship with Agape Counseling we are hoping to create a training for future counselors. This will hopefully be finished and started by September 2012. The first training shall finish by December 2012. We hope to have counselors begin counseling by the beginning of 2013. This is our hope.

Note: Please see the updates DV document for changes.

Thank you all for reading, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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