February GM Follow-Up

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February GM Follow-Up Empty February GM Follow-Up

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:41 am

Hello everyone,

It was a wonderful meeting we had on Saturday night. Much productive than the previous one Wink. Thank you for all of those that were able to make it!

See below what we have talked about. Those who could not attend, read attentively. It may look like a lot but it's very easy to read. It's not that much Smile. I also added some things that I forgot to go over with.

Why Do We Have Meetings?
• Create team spirit and camaraderie;
• Update teammates on our projects, fundraisers, new team members, …
• Help the team to stay productive and focused;
• Talk about future projects;
• Generate new ideas for the improvement of the charity.

I really hope that you can save the date for the monthly meeting. You know when it's coming so it's easy to reserve time to come and fellowship with the other members. It will make a total difference in your work. The exchange we had on Saturday night was great!

Suggestions and Ideas
I was glad to hear all the ideas that we have generated during the meeting and I am excited to apply them as much as I can. I will soon post under Ideas and Suggestions about what volunteers have come up with. Smile

A Little Note
See me as a human being Smile. I’m not a big corporation and like to keep Peace for Humanity on a human and personal level. I do care about you guys and try my best to make you happy. The best way you can, I would like you to respond to me on the staff website if I send you good wishes. You can do the same to others. It's easier to do that when you know your peers Wink.

Also, I don't have a partner or investors working on developing Peace for Humanity with me. Please understand that I too have a lot on my shoulders, juggling with the foundation, Masterpeace, teaching, etc. I apologize if sometimes I can seem short or impatient Smile.

Our Teams
There are 8 different teams at Peace for Humanity. Here are what they are and the positions related to them. Once the organizational chart is ready, I will send it to you.

Administration Team
Founder: Jennifer Fils-Aimé
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant Jr.: Linda Fan
Accountant: Maile Sanders
Lawyer: Geoffrey Mullen

Project Team
For each project, there is the following team

Project Manager: Jennifer F-A
Head Project Coordinator: Lingbing Z.
Project Coordinators: Tricia D.
Project Support Volunteers: Cynda S.
Researchers: Amy D. and Des C.

Event Team
For each event, there is the following team:

Event Manager: Jennifer F-A
Head Event Coordinator:
Event Coordinators: Marco M.
Marketing Coordinators: Guzal M.
Artist Coordinator: Shirley Shi

Creative Team
Members of that team can work on one or several projects at the time.

Graphic Designer: Nick B.
Website Developer: Marc B.
Creative Photographer
Film Maker

Marketing Team
This team is not yet opened. Members of that team will be responsible for Peace for Humanity's branding, sales and advertisement.

Translation/Editing Team
There is a sub team for each language

Chinese Team
Head Translator: Spencer Lee
Translators: Clara C. and Jill L.

French Team
Head Translator: Odile Ngopya

Spanish Team:
Head Translator:

English Editor: Samantha Strube

General Work Team
Nydia G
Kelin L.

The whole point of having managers and head is for me not to have to take care and look after everything by myself. We need to improve to work efficiently as a team! Please forget about me sometimes and managers and heads, please own your position Smile.

Managers and heads are responsible for :
• Posting about their team's meetings and manage attendance of the group members;
• Looking after their team to make sure they posted replies for all meetings;
• Posting follow-ups after the meetings no later than 48 hours after the meeting;
• Doing quality-control of the work that has to be submitted;
• Submitting the work to the manager and make sure the deadlines are respected.

Volunteers Needed
• 1 French, 1 Spanish and 1 Chinese Translator
• HR Manager
• Administrative Assistant
• Sales and Advertising Manager (in the near future)

Camille had to leave us for now and is considering joining the team but maybe later.
Rachelle unfortunately left the team as well.

Overall, I am pretty happy with:
• Members meeting without me;
• Good communication between the team;
• Good use of SW (with some people).
• Returning calls/emails/texts, or copy them.
• Respecting deadlines: if you can’t deliver on the deadline, please warn us at least 24 hours
• If you don’t have time for something, just say no or propose an alternative date.

We need to improve on:
• Posting replies on time;
• Including the team in what each does. e.g: if a deadline change, advise the whole team, not just me;
• Get the team closer.

Current Project and Event
Please visit our website and read about what's happening with our Domestic Violence Awareness Program and the "Break the Silence" Photo Exhibition.

Potential Future Projects
We currently only have one project under the Women Empowerment Division. We want to start thinking about other projects that we could support in the two other divisions. I was thinking:

• School Supply (Children’s Day 2013?)
• Health Care for Migrant Workers
• Any other ideas?

Staff Website
Why is it so important?
• No office: a way to have everything in one place for everyone to see;
• Good way for volunteers to get to know about each other;
• Create some kind of fellowship among members;
• Make sure that you keep track with what’s happening with the foundation.

Please do:
• Log in on a regular basis; I still get people asking: “what time is the meeting? When?...”

It is important that each and everyone if us is responsible and cooperate in making each other's job easy. I don't want to have to run after you for posting your replies. Some people have no posts or only one...It only takes a minute of your time. If you forgot your password, it's a sign that you don't log in often enough. If for any reason you have any problem accessing your account and can't reply, you can always call or email.

• Participate in topics that aren’t necessarily addressed to you (i.e Kalvin and Kelvin on DV Project). It’s always nice to have other members ideas and feedback.

• Upload your picture if haven’t done so . It is nice to put a face on the message.

• Everybody’s contact info is under Database
• Weekly Quotes under Message Board: I just hope to give encouragement through quotes or
write something which you could reflect on. Feel free to write your thoughts. If you have any quotes to propose, please let me
know Smile

About Us

Who we are
• Non-profit organization;
• Volunteers from everywhere working together towards a common goal;
• Volunteers working in different areas of interests.

Our Mission
• Encourage people to join forces together to the benefit of the most disadvantaged;

How do we demonstrate that?
• Volunteers from all over working together;
• Partnerships, different organizations forming an alliance towards a common goal;
• Individuals, rich or less rich, wanting to contribute in different ways.
• Promote peace and harmony within the organization and with whom we get in contact with and
during our events and project planning.

What We Do

• Organize creative events to spread awareness about social issues;

Our events have to:
• Inform the audience about a specific topic;
• Involve the contribution of artists;
• Have to be as original and creative as possible.
• Raise funds to distribute in different projects covering our three divisions.

*Our projects should be those of others. The DVAP is an exception

What We Care About
• Children’s Education
• Women Empowerment
• Humanitarian Welfare (notice new appellation)

Goals and Objectives for 2012

Masterpeace Entertainment
• Event company organizing big and small events: sports, seasonal, NGO’s
• Will be a regular source of income.

Peace for Humanity wants to be famous for providing amazing internships:
• By having interesting projects;
• By organizing amazing events;
• Providing skills development;
• Providing a good work environment.

We want to build a good notoriety among students and companies as well.

Projects and Events
3 per year (one per division)

Develop Long Term Partnerships
• Volunteers benefits: gifts, raffles, …
• Regular income
• For things we always need: galleries, meeting place, restaurants.

Newsletter (internal and external)
• To reach more people;
• As a mean of promotion

Thank you Amy for offering your help!

Volunteers Benefits
• Monthly Dinners
• Seasonal outdoors activities
• Celebrating major holidays
• Monthly raffles
• Volunteer of the month
• Birthday gifts and season’s gifts

Other ways for you to contribute
• Tell your friends and family about Peace for Humanity on your Facebook.
• Help promote our events (PfH and Masterpeace Entertainment)

Upcoming Birthdays in March
• Linda
• Geoffrey
• Marco
• Spencer
• Odile

Next Meeting
Saturday, March 31st. Please save the date. Details about time and location will be provided closer to the date.

Congratulations for the amazing work!!
Thank you for being part of Peace for Humanity!!!

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February GM Follow-Up Empty Re: February GM Follow-Up

Post  Cynda.Schneider on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:27 pm

Agreed: it was a great meeting. Thanks for taking the time to type up all the notes from the meeting.

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February GM Follow-Up Empty no title

Post  kelin lai on Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:24 pm

Aiyo,thanks for your constant effort to put all these together boss! I should not be so dumb and neglect your kindness again.haha,it's very inspired for me to think about doing something good for the world with so many people,perhaps some of them might even not get a chance to meet. Laughing
kelin lai
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February GM Follow-Up Empty Re: February GM Follow-Up

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:48 am

It is my pleasure my friends! Smile

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February GM Follow-Up Empty Re: February GM Follow-Up

Post  samantha strube on Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:21 am

Thanks for posting the minutes! I feel in the loop even though I wasn't present!
samantha strube
samantha strube

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February GM Follow-Up Empty Re: February GM Follow-Up

Post  smaile on Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:01 am

Thanks for posting, Jennifer! I was at the meeting, but it's still nice to see it all written out. I felt we covered alot.

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February GM Follow-Up Empty great meeting

Post  Lingbing on Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:40 pm

a lot of information!

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February GM Follow-Up Empty Re: February GM Follow-Up

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