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Lawyer On Board! Empty Lawyer On Board!

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:54 pm

Last Thursday, I met with Mrs. Amber Xu, a Chinese lawyer. She will graciously give us advice on different topics. After discussing with her, we are on good standing regarding our status. She will guide me through the registration of my entertainment company. As I told you, I wanted to open one and this way, we'll be able to have a performance permit and other ones. We won't have to depend on anybody for our future events. Also, she said she could do ask her company if we could do a logo exchange for more exposure.

Her husband, M. Martin Aretino, is a notorious writer for different magazines in China. He has agreed to write some articles about different subjects on our website. I just have to see exactly what I want him to write about and he'll help us!

Slowly, we are getting help from outside. We just have to do our best and be patient!

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