Jun. 13 DVAP Meeting Follow-up

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Jun. 13 DVAP Meeting Follow-up Empty Jun. 13 DVAP Meeting Follow-up

Post  pri on Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:40 pm

Time: June 13th, 2012, Wednesday
Location: A Corner Coffee
Attendees: Jennifer, Celia, Priscilla

Here are some key points that we have discussed:

1. There will be TWO TYPES of awareness activities that we’re going to organize:
- INFORMATIVE ones – including detailed information and enabling people to understand the DV issue and what our project is all about;
- CREATIVE ones – engaging people through the organization of artistic events in the forms of drama, music, poetry, film, photography, etc.

2. We need to do PREPARATIONS in the following aspects in order to ensure the successful delivery of our activities:
- Key messages – We need to develop some key messages to which our activities will be related.
- Target audience – We can divide our audience into different categories (i.e. children, adolescents, university students, working women, etc.) and create events that target one particular group of people at a time with a tailored key message and approach.
- Press kit – We should have a definite definition of DV (in the context of China), the current situation (what already exists; what’s lacking; etc.), the objectives of our project, etc.
- Supporting materials – We should have such supporting materials as research findings, statistics, experts’ opinions, the comparison between the situation in China and in other countries, etc.
- Community – We could build a community which consists of those who care about DV and want to be in the loop of our project. We can count on them to participate in our activities and spread the word to people around them. We can also build a forum on our website (maybe) for these people to have online discussion.

3. The INTERNET / SOCIAL MEDIA is definitely a good channel to promote our activities. In addition, we can even initiate activities directly on it (eg. weibo). For instance, we can start a topic about DV on November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to encourage people to talk about relevant experiences that they lived or witnessed or heard, maybe in different forms such as text, photo and video. Incentives can be taken into consideration.

4. We can also combine our activities with existing BIG EVENTS. Example: in some parts of Europe there is a campaign against DV during the European Championships (which is happening now) because study suggests that DV rate would rise substantially during this kind of events.

We have yet to determine the specific activities that we’ll organize and the timetable that we’ll follow. Please add any point that might be missing. Thanks.

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