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Post  Admin on Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:34 pm

Hello Team!

Here is what we discussed at the GM Meeting last week and what I wanted to talk about. Cause frankly, we didn't talk about much since we were too busy eating! tongue

About Us

What We Do
It is important for you guys to know what is the reason why of Peace for Humanity. Our main goal is to spread awareness about the three social issues that we care about: Children's Education, Women Empowerment and Humanitarian Aid. The way we do that is through creative events like art exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts, poetry jams, etc...We want to educate and inform the population about specific current events that are happening in our society and our world.

As most of you know, I have to write a business plan for my event company. This company will serve as cash flow for Peace for Humanity. Peace for Humanity will be regarded as this company's Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR). It is a lot on my mind and my shoulders at the moment and hope to untangle all the wonderful ideas that occupy my brain. (Ask Maile how long it took us just to figure out how to separate our budget!) I hope that I can finish writing the plan by December 31st. Will keep you updated with that. Wish me luck!

New Volunteers
We have a few additions to the team. At Peace for Humanity, we are kind and warm and take the time to welcome our teammates, even with just one word. See who are your new peers and how they contribute to the team by clicking on "The Crew".

General Meetings

Why do we have meetings?
• Create team spirit and camaraderie;
• Update teammates on our projects, fundraisers, new team members, …
• Help the team to stay productive and focused;
• Talk about future projects;
• Generate new ideas for the improvement of the charity.

A General Meeting is planned every month: the last Saturday of every month. So you already know in advance when the next meeting will be unless otherwise indicated. Please note it in your agenda and reserve a couple hours to spend time with the team. Everyone is expected to attend unless you already have something important planned.

Next Meeting
There won't be a meeting for December we are planning to meet for a Christmas Party. See further down about that.

January Meeting
The date is set for January 14. But it would be more of a CNY Celebration! Look for this Meeting topic and let us know if you can make it!

Suggestion Box
I just want to remind you that there is a section on the SW called "Ideas/Suggestions". I believe that it is important for the team members to be able to express their ideas regarding anything. If you have a fundraiser idea, or know a great place to hold a meeting, or know a group of people to whom we could give help. please let us know. You are free to write whatever. I can't guarantee that all the ideas will be done but they will certainly be considered and probably executed in the future. Your voice matters!

I'm a Real Person
This might sound weird for me to say but I'd like you to see me as a human being. Peace for Humanity is not a big corporation or a multinational with multiple managers, presidents or shareholders. At the head of it is only me for the moment. If you receive my best wishes for a birthday, a holiday, or a new job you got, it is from my heart. It's me, Jennifer, saying that to you. A simple "thank you" is all I'm asking in return. I do care about you guys! Smile I'll try my best to make you happy.

Our Teams
We have 7 different teams in our organizational structure:
1. Administration Team
2. Project Team
3. Event Team
4. Marketing Team
5. Creative Team
6. Editing/Translation Team
7. General Work Team

An organizational Chart will be sent to you soon.

Each team has a manager and coordinators (except for Admin and GW teams). The Translating has a Head Translator. Coordinators look after their team, assigning work and making sure that the work is being done. Managers look after Coordinators, making sure that they are planning and managing their team well.

Our current Coordinators/Heads are:
Lingbing: Project Coordinator
Tricia Demmers: Project Coordinator Jr.
Spencer Lee: Head Translator
Jennifer Fils-Aimé: Event Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Creative Team Manager, Translation/Editing Team Manager.

Coordinators and Heads delegating and properly taking care of their team is crucial in the smooth running of the organization!

Keep it up!
I want to take the time to mention the wonderful work of the Project Team. Since about Mid-September, Lingbing and Tiff started working on the Domestic Violence Project. Later, we had other additions: Amy, Tricia and finally Des. Geoffrey is also working on the legal aspects of the project.

They've been working on that project for a little over 2 months and I have to say that they have made an outstanding job, each excelling in their respecting roles. Meeting every week, (even sometimes without me!), they have developed a solid and professional draft. They are greatly contributing to the empowerment of women and are definitely making a difference!

Thank you so much for your amazing work guys!! It is so appreciated!

To help everyone do their job easily and efficiently, it is important to respect what is asked of you. Please read the following and apply it to ensure an harmonious collaboration among the teams.

• Return calls/emails/texts, or copy them (mention that you have receive it).
• Respect deadlines: if you can’t deliver on your deadline, please advise your supervisor at least 24 hours before the due date so he/she can take the necessary measures.
• If you don’t have time for something, just say no or propose an alternative date.
• Managers and Coordinators are responsible for their team (attendance to meetings, responses on SW, deadlines are respected, …)

Staff Website
The Staff Website is an important tool that needs to be used frequently by crew members. Here's the right use of it:

• Log in on a regular basis; I still get people asking: “what time is the meeting? When?...”
• Participate in topics that aren’t necessarily addressed to you (i.e Kalvin and Kelvin on DV Project). It’s always nice to have other members ideas and feedback.
Always confirm your presence to meetings and events whether you attend or not. Don’t send me a personal message. I really shouldn’t have to worry about you doing that and send you a reminder as I have a million other things to think about. It only takes literally 1 minute of your time!
• Upload your picture if haven’t done so king . It is nice to put a face on the message.

Current Project and Event
As you know, for every event, we have a project related to it. We are currently developing a project aiming to serve the needs of victims of domestic violence. The project is called Domestic Violence Awareness Program. To help us realize it, we will be raising funds through our art exhibition "Break The Silence", meant to be in March 2012. More information and details will be posted on our website next week under "Projects" and "Events" (

Christmas Party
It is the wonderful holiday season and it's time to gather with family and friends! I would like us to do something for Christmas. I was thinking about holding a Pot Lock at my place (everyone brings a delicious dish!). And each of us would bring a gift so we can exchange it that night. I was gonna do it on Saturday the 17th but Amy will be already gone to the US and asked if we could meet on Saturday the 10th instead. I will post about it on Social Life so we can share our ideas.

In February, it will be the birthday of three of us!
• Des: Feb.2nd
• Jennifer: Feb.11
• Lingbing: Feb.12
We have to do something grand!! Stay tuned on the SW to know what we will plan.

January 11: it will be Spencer's 1 year anniversary! Thank you for your commitment Spence! We appreciate your work.

Volunteers Needed
We are currently looking for an Artist Coordinator and Event Coordinator to work on the BTS exhibition. If you know anybody that would be suitable for these position, please ask them to send their resume and cover letter to


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