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Updates on "Break The Silence" Empty Updates on "Break The Silence"

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:37 pm

Dear Team,

I met with the manager of La Plantation Gallery, Philippe Bouvet. He agrees to help us with our fundraiser photo exhibition, which is awesome. His gallery is beautiful and he has organize a few fundraiser events in the past. For us to go ahead with our exhibition, we need to develop a project with an established Chinese organization.

Remember, at the beginning, we were supposed to give the amount raised to an organization that takes care of victims of domestic violence. But we couldn't find anybody who did that (more than counseling). So we decided to create our own project. But it's really hard to do that without the help of something already established.

So we will go back to the organizations we already went to and new ones as well. We'll see how we can help them improve what they are trying to do to help victims of domestic violence. With them, we will establish a budget and set better goals for the amount we want to raise.

We will keep you updated with the developments. Meanwhile, if you know any organization related to women or are aware of any project that is in this field or could be interested in our project, please let us know. We are looking for ladies clubs, attorneys and reporters that are defending women, actors that care about the women conditions, psychologists, counselors, organizations that take care of family, etc...

Thank you for your cooperation!




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